Facebook Profile Photo Circle

Are You Ready for Facebook’s Circular Profile Photo?

What’s with the circular profile picture on Facebook?

Since August, Facebook has been slowly rolling out the new shape of the Facebook Business profile picture. Over the next few weeks, your Business Page profile image will change from a square to a circle in your News Feed and on your Page Timeline.

Facebook is “forcing” all of its users into this new shape. This means individuals and brands should check out how their avatars are rendering in the new circular format and make the proper changes, if necessary.

Sidenote: Your cover photo size and dimensions will remain the same!

How does the new Facebook profile picture affect you?

Businesses with large, square-shaped logos may have part of their graphics cut off if their profile image isn’t sized correctly to accommodate the new circular crop.

Facebook Circle Profile Picture

Here’s what to do:

Resize your profile picture so that your logo has some breathing room around the edges. You can accomplish this in most basic photo editing software (like MS Paint).

Make sure you upload a perfectly square image to Facebook (we recommend uploading PNG images of at least 600px by 600px in dimensions to Facebook, because they display the best).

If your logo has an icon that people will recognize, use your icon as your profile picture instead (check out ours below). This helps people recognize your company when viewing the teeny tiny profile images on Facebook Mobile.

Facebook Circle Profile Picture

What if I don’t have proper photo editing software?

If you need help updating your business’s profile image, we have the professional software to easily do so (and make sure it displays clearly). Contact us if you would like us to edit your logo for you, so that your business page continues to look professional.

Remember, your Facebook page is your online face to the world and it needs to look professional in order to establish credibility with your customers! If your logo isn’t sized properly or is too small for your customers to see, get it fixed immediately (we can’t stress this enough)!

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