How to choose a good web host

How to Choose a Reliable Web Host for Your Business

The most common complaint I hear from new clients is “I think need a new website because my site is slow, or is down all the time.” But in most cases, the problem isn’t the website, it’s who they’ve chosen as their web host. When I ask these clients who they’re hosting with, it’s almost always […]

Facebook Profile Photo Circle

Are You Ready for Facebook’s Circular Profile Photo?

Facebook is “forcing” all of its users into this new shape. This means individuals and brands should check out how their avatars are rendering in the new circular format and make the proper changes, if necessary.

How to Delete Duplicate Google+ Pages

How to Delete Duplicate Google Plus Pages

Here’s how to regain access to a Google Plus Business Profile page when you’ve aren’t sure which email address is associated with it. This method also works if you have several Google+ pages that you need to locate, consolidate, and/or delete.

WP Engine Hosting Promo Code – Get 20% off WP Engine Hosting

We love WP Engine’s hosting service. We recommend it to everyone and their dog. Not only is it one of the most secure services for WordPress sites, it’s also the easiest hosting platform to use (and we’ve tested a lot of different hosts over the years). For more info in greater details, see our article on How […]

How to Embed SoTellUs Reviews

How to Add SoTellUs Reviews to Your Website

Here’s how to embed your SoTellUs reviews onto your website so that you can boost your business’s credibility.

How to Setup FTP

How to Setup FTP in Dreamweaver

Learn how to setup FTP connections within Adobe Dreamweaver or a similar file management software, such as FileZilla, with this easy, step-by-step tutorial.