Don’t hire another agency until you read this.

Marketing Agencies: Their perceived value VS. their delivered value

Many large marketing and design agencies aren’t actually looking out for your best interests. They may buy you coffee, or even wine, and then sit you down in an insanely comfy leather chair so they can seduce you into signing a contract with them.

What they won’t tout about in their fancy conference room, is that they really use cookie cutter website templates, reuse media and content on their clients’ marketing materials, split their jobs up among multiple departments, and sometimes even contract out your project to third parties. This creates a prolonged completion date, unclear communication, too many layers of bureaucracy to wrap your head around.

How can I make sense of this?

Lisa, who will be our example, runs a small rescue shelter for animals in Phoenix. She needs her website redesigned and regularly maintained. Let’s assume Lisa has already picked out her top two competitors and will be price hunting between them.

The first company has a staff of around 35 people, and can handle any job of any size. They have quoted a one-month completion date and have presented a competitive price.

The second company, which is run by only a handful of people, can finish her project within two weeks and will cost her about about half the price of an agency competitor. So, is bigger really better? How is a smaller company able to complete her project more quickly? What are the pros and cons to examine, in order to make the most educated decisions for her business?

The larger agency requires more overhead to operate. They need more business coming in, in order to stay profitable, which means entertaining a sea of clients that can’t possibly receive the attention they deserve. Juggling too many projects all at once, creates a lengthy, convoluted process.

In comparison, the smaller company, which is run remotely and has minimal overhead, has a more focused team. They are not only able complete your project faster, they are able to give your business the time and attention it deserves. This means your project sees less hands, instead of getting tossed around between too many.

Bytesize Media delivers more value than they are paid for.

We save business owners time and money, while providing them peace-of-mind. Our clients know they are getting the development they paid for. Because we are a small, tight-knit business, we are able to deliver more value to you with less of a burden on your wallet. We combine competitive pricing, personal service, and a unique approach to every client.

We provide quality websites and marketing materials at a fraction of the cost compared to our competition. We are able to save our clients money by having a small team with very low overhead. This also allows for crystal clear communication between our clients and our team. It is easier for us to keep our clients up to date, because we communicate exactly where we are throughout each step of the way. Clients can literally check items off their list as they are being completed. We hear stories of desperation and delayed projects all too often, and many of them didn’t understand who they were doing business with until it was too late. If you find yourself asking…

Is it finished yet? Have there been hang-ups? Which outlet do I call to speak to a real human being, without getting transferred off to another neglected voicemail? Why can’t I get anyone to respond to my emails or return my calls in a reasonable manner?

…then its time to start doing business with us.

Do you really want to be asking yourself these questions after you’ve trusted your business and its image to irresponsible design agencies?

We didn’t think so. Call us.