Two Vital Areas All Businesses Should Focus On

Some companies are highly successful at retaining clients business, while other companies may struggle to prosper. We all know that client retention is extremely important when it comes to building a business, but the question is, what is the best route to get there? These two examples of best practices are used all around us and one would be wise to apply them to their own business.

Know what serves your customers best

Lets look at one outstanding company and what sets them apart from their competition. Starbucks, who has a “Just Say Yes” policy, will remake any drink, any time, if it does not satisfy their customers’ palettes . Of course it can cause time delays, and yes, the baristas go out of their way to get it right the first time, but who does this really benefit?

The immediate benefit is to the customer, who can rest assured that they will leave with their perfect beverage every time. However, the long term benefit serves Starbucks. Starbucks knows that making the perfect beverage helps create a superb experience for their customers. Creating that impeccable experience ensures that those same customers will not only return for future business, but bring others as well.

To provide this supreme experience, a business must be dedicated to creating the perfect customer experience. This means being able to anticipate your customers needs and providing them with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff. First-class service cannot be ensured without a focused team of support, which brings about my next and crucial point.

You cannot have great execution without a great team.

It’s important to be methodical when choosing team members, as each employee plays a key role in your vision. You simply cannot hope to achieve high-level results with a brand new, unseasoned team. The team is able to train new associates because of the seasoned veterans. It is a wonderful process that properly trains not only the new associate, but the rest of the team as well. The point is that the growing never ceases, never slows; you’ve given your team something that inspires them.

The key is to develop a vision for your business that is truly worthy, and lead a team that is dedicated to that vision. Be sure that the people your vision serves to benefit most, is your client base. This takes time, patience, awareness, and true discipline. But you can do it and many businesses already have.

We know our clients and their needs

While Bytesize Media may not specialize in making coffee or running a store front, we are the best when it comes to developing a powerful image that best represents your brand. We do this work at a fraction of the cost and we are completely trustworthy. Whether your business is a start up or in need of a face lift, we have the tools and experience to help you take the next step.